About Me

As an oil painter, my muse is the often overlooked charm of everyday objects. I strive to illuminate the beauty found in the ingredients of our kitchen, the subtle elegance of flowers in a vase, and the delightful reflections bouncing off a simple teapot. I have a soft spot for the humorous and whimsical, and you'll spot this delightful theme sprinkled throughout my portfolio: birds casually perched on teacups, honey bear bottles buzzing with bees, and inanimate objects that couldn't resist a bit of anthropomorphism.

My creations come to life with smooth gradients that dance with light and shadow, adding an extra layer of intrigue and fun. I'm not one for strict intentions in my art; I prefer to present things as they are but bathed in a different light. My hope is that the fusion of humble beauty, tangible softness, and the vibrant energy emanating from these ordinary objects can bring a smile, or perhaps even a good-natured chuckle, to brighten someone's day.

📸 When I'm not painting, I'm snapping photos in the wild. Check out my wildlife photography at:


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