Frequently Asked Artist Questions
How long have you been painting?
I began painting at a very young age but only really began seriously working on my craft whilst studying art in college. As such, I have been offering my paintings for sale online since 2004.
How many paintings do you create a year?
I strive to create 2-3 new small paintings each week. Every now and then I will work on a larger piece that usually takes about a week to paint. In 2018, I was able to complete 78 paintings.
What painting mediums do you use?
I work primarily in the Alla Prima style of oil painting and finish most pieces in one sitting. I prefer working with oils on primed panels as I love the buttery smooth consistency and ease of smooth color blending on the hard surface versus canvas. All of the paints and painting mediums that I utilize are professional grade. I have also always made it a priority to use completely non-toxic paints and painting mediums in my work.
How do you price your paintings?
I charge by square inch and also take into consideration the amount of time invested in each individual piece as some subjects have quite a bit more detail than others. For the rest of 2020, it’s approximately $1.50 a square inch. Every six months I reassess my prices and have steadily been increasing them over the last few years.
Do you do commissions or custom work?
Not at this time. Although I absolutely love working on special projects, I have been blessedly busy with my Etsy Shops and also being out in the field with my second passion of wildlife photography.
Do you offer workshops?
Not at this time.
Will you paint another version of your painting?
Occasionally, I will take on a request to repaint one of my paintings in a larger format.
Where can I view your Wildlife Photography Portfolio?
Thank you!
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